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About Us
Initial Disclosure Document

Linked below is our initial disclosure document.
This provides all our regulatory required information on our fees, where we source our mortgage packages, complaints and compensation and can be printed as reference before our intital consultation.

Mortgages Expert Initial Disclosure Document

Customer Commitment

We appreciate that your mortgage selection is probably one of the largest financial commitments you will ever make and therefore your choice of mortgage advisor is imperative in getting the right professional expertise.

Mortgage Expert strive to offer the highest level of customer service at all times and believe that you as a customer can have confidence in us, through our customer commitment as detailed below. We also are committed to treating our customers fairly. In this we are following the guidelines set out by ourt regulators, The Financial Services Authority. For more information please go to our TCF Mission Statement

Customer Commitment

  1. We promise you will always receive an ' Inital Disclosure Document' from us detailing all our contact details, what services we offer, fees , complaints procedures and compensation matters at our very first meeting
  2. Our advisors will always listen to your needs and discuss the various options that are available to particular circumstance and always make recommendations that are in your best interest.
  3. We will always provide you with written details of any recommendation including any key facts of the product recommended,the cost fo the mortgage and any associated fees
  4. We will always look to obtain a mortgage agreement in principal so that you can carry out your property search safe in the knowledge that mortgage funds will be available when you need them
  5. We will fill out your mortgage appliactions and advise and coordinate with you any additional information or documents that may be required to support your application
  6. We will liase with other professionals invloved in your mortgage quickly and efficiently to ensure as smooth and timely resolution as possible
  7. We will continue to contact you at agreed intermissions based on your circumstances to offer additional financial assistance

We are also regulated by the Financial Service Authority are covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service and are members of the Guild of Mortgage Advisors


Mortgages Expert Ltd is Registered in England no. 5479330, Mortgages Expert Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Service Authority - no. 438419